Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Use of Formal Assessment Tools for Patients Spiritual Needs Essay

Use of Formal Assessment Tools for Patients Spiritual Needs - Essay Example From this essay it is clear that  the spiritual needs of the patients are less tangible compared to physical, because they are often difficult to measure, complex, and abstract hence, given lower priority than other needs especially physical needs. Spiritual needs are defined as factors that are needed to diminish the spiritual deficits or enhance spiritual strengths of a person. These needs are concerned with person’s relationship and meaning of things that transcends the material things.This paper outlines that to achieve much effectiveness and efficiency, formal assessment tools should take less time, be flexible, and be easy to use. The words used during assessment should encourage the patient to participate in the process. It should be conducted in a manner that is non- judgemental and non-threatening. There are three major formal assessment tools namely: FICA Model, Howden’s Spirituality Assessment Scale, and Jarel Spiritual Well-Being Scale.  The scale focuse s on four main areas namely: transcendence, inner resources, meaning and purpose in life, and unifying interconnectedness. Lastly, Jarel Spiritual Well-Being Scale is an assessment tool used by health professionals and is based on assessing spiritual needs of older adults. The tool is based on 21 statements which are rated according to a scale of â€Å"strongly agree† - â€Å"strongly disagree†.  These formal assessment tools are the best way for a health professional to ensure that assessment and care of patient’s spiritual needs are met.

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